About Us

Practical, brilliant and fun products for your everyday needs.

We scour the internet for the most unique items. Every day we spend hours putting new items in our store, ordering products to make sure that they are good quality and making sure you have a good experience.

High quality, well-designed and durable products can be made available at sensible prices. Through our global network of supply & logistic partners and our highly cost-efficient supply chain, we cut out unnecessary overheads of traditional brick-and-mortar retail and bring products direct to our customers.

To achieve such lean economics, we shorten our supply chain through the co-location of our business team with our upstream suppliers and logistic partners, utilizing technology and just-in-time processes to achieve scale economics.

Our goal is to position Pop Pop Deals as an online service leader, our hard work resulted in an overwhelming response from our customers, we are now working on expanding our product lines and delivering even better customer service than we already do!